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Senin, 16 Februari 2015

Portable Flow Meter TDS 100

TDS-100H handheld ultrasonic flow meter is a battery-powered ultrasonic flow meter with the capability of a full-size flow meter. It is carefully designed for portability and ease of use.
  *   Better than 1% accuracy.
  *   0.2% of repeatability.
  *   Positive/negative/net flow totaliser
  *   4 line LCD display.
  *   Operate with clamp-on transducers.
  *   RS-232/OCT output
  *   Ni-MH Battery life for up to 12 hours continuous operation.

.Outline Diagram

Trandsucer Parameter
    S1 type                              M1 type                              L1 type 
   HS type                   HM type                    S1H type                   M1H type