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Senin, 16 Februari 2015

Thickness Gauge

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge measuring with ultrasonic wave, is applicable for measuring the thickness of any material in which ultrasonic wave can be transmitted and reflected back from the other face.

The gauge can provide quick and accurate measurement to various work pieces such as sheets of board and processing parts. Another important application of the gauge is to monitor various pipes and pressure vessels in production equipment, and monitor the thinning degree during using. It can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, shipping, aerospace, aviation and other fields
Technology features:
1:display:128*64 backlit LCD adjustment.
2:measurement range:0.75mm—225.0mm(0.03inch—8.85inch)
3:sound velocity range:1000m/s—9999m/s(0.039---0.394in/μs)
4:display resolution ratio:0.01mm or 0.1mm(lower than 100mm)
                   0.1mm(higher than 99.99mm)
5:measure precisely:
6:measurement units: metric/imperial
7:power supply:two 5 size dry battery,normally working up to 100 hours(without opening backlit)
8:communication interface:RS232 series port
9:size :150mm*74mm*32mm
11:measurement velocity:20 times/second
12:store datas:500 set datas;5 files(100 set datas per file)