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Gerand engineering Pump Test Meter

Gerand Engineering provides the highest quality products for fire pump testing and hydronic balancing. Our meters are FM approved and NIST certified with a 5-year warranty. Gerand’s 50 years of experience delivers the results our customers demand.

Working in close partnership with our customers, we provide high-value, high-performance components and systems. We are dedicated to providing a world-class customer experience while delivering the quality products, systems and results our customers and partners demand.

Gerand suggests using Venturis on all units at least 2-1/2" and larger for ultimate accuracy and lowest possible head loss. Orifices may also be used though the permanent head loss, with orifices is substantially increased from that of Venturis.
On 1/2" through 2" lines we recommend using Balvalve-Venturis furnished as a one-piece Venturi/valve with a memory lock on the handle.

All flow fittings should be supplied with chained metal tag indicating the unit size, unit location, GPM and corresponding differential reading in inches of water. Venturis and indicators should be supplied with nipple, valve and quick disconnect meter fittings. Balvalve-Venturis should be
supplied with nipples and quick disconnects.

A portable 0-50" or 0-100" differential meter shall be used for balancing flow in all  units. Meter should be furnished as part of the system.


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The Ultrasonic Flow meter Technology

The last ten years ultrasonic flow meter is very popular not only in the laboratory but also in many industries such as industrial water treatment, industrial waste water treatment, food and beverage industry and chemical industry. Due to popular demand, Ultrasonic flow meter effective enough because the price is not too expensive and inexpensive installation costs and maintenance costs can be said to be  free maintenance

Another advantage is the use of ultrasonic flow meter accuracy is adequate and flexible. With ultrasonic flow meters, the user can choose from a variety of electronic packages, and also use the device in areas requiring explosion-proof devices. value-added benefits this provides a striking contrast to the turbine or variable-area flow meters, which is less accurate, offers the ability to output less invasive to the process media.

The most significant advantage of ultrasonic flow meter is an ultrasonic flometer ability to measure flow without disrupting the flow of both liquid and gas. Noninvasive Measurements were taken from two or more transducers attached to the exterior of the pipe. Shift the frequency of the ultrasonic signal sent through a liquid or gas is measured, then the signal is sent through a cable to the electronics housed in the flow computer.

Other advantages of using ultrasonic flow meters include :
  • Improved accuracy
  • No pressure drop
  • High turn-down ratio
  • No moving parts
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Long-term cost savings
Choosing the type and model of Ultrasonic Flow meter
To determine what type and model of ultrasonic flow meter that best matches our desires and effective for a particular application is to consider where and how the flow meter will be used. There are three types of ultrasonic flow meter the most preferred and and find that the Hand Held ultrasonic Flow Meter, portable Ultrasonic flow meter and Open Channel Flow Meter.

Hand Held Ultrasonic Flow Meters
Handheld flow meters are most commonly used to measure slurries and dirty fluids in the chemical industry, food processing and water treatment plants where basic flow measurement is occasionally required. Facility engineers working in office buildings or small-scale process plants frequently need to monitor HVAC-R systems. Typically, these engineers will use a handheld unit to accomplish this task.

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Water flow meter iMag 4700

The iMAG 4700 magnetic flow meter is the most economical flange electromagnetic flowmeter on the market produced by seametric instrument . With electrodes designed to discourage fouling,  it is available in 4” to 12” pipe in municipal or industrial water, waste and reclaimed water, pump stations, and packaged plant applications.  (For 3” version, see iMAG 4600-300.) Minimal straight pipe requirements allow. 
iMAG magnetic flow meters to be used in piping configurations where there is little space between the meter and an elbow.

Water flow meter iMAG 4700  are NSF-61 approved and are rated IP68 for applications where the meter may be operated under water to a depth of at least 10 feet (3 meters) continuously.

The display magmeter iMAG 4700 can be meter mounted or remote, and both rate and total indication are standard. Rate and total units and pulse scaling can be set via the front panel touch key pad by the user. Bidirectional flow is standard with forward, reverse and net flow. 

A power/output cable imag water flow meter allows outputs for use with a variety of Seametrics inc USA and other displays and controls for remote reading and telemetry applications. Pulse output is standard on all models and 4-20mA passive current loop is standard on the iMAG 4700p. In addition, 4-20mA loop, HART protocol, high speed digital, and Modbus® protocol outputs are optional on the externally powered units, depending on model.

  • Easy setup 
  • Minimal straight pipe 
  • Mounted or remote rate & total 
  • Tamper-evident seal 
  • NSF-61 approved
  • IP68 rated

iMAG Water Meter Accuracy

These magnetic flow Meter can be installed horizontally, vertically (with downward flow), or in any radial position. Using a check valve on the upstream side of the meter, and/or an air vent  (vacuum  relief  valve)  in the  same, unobstructed run of pipe as the meter, is required in any installation where the meter may be exposed to suction when the system is not in normal operation. Suction can cause damage to the liner. Liner damage caused by suction, without the use of a check valve and/or air vent, may void the warranty.

iMAG 4700 Dimension

iMAG water flow meter straight Pipe Recommendations.
The iMAG magnetic flow meter requires straight pipe before and after the meter for best accuracy. However, the ability of electromagnetic meters to average the flow across the entire pipe allows for shorter straight pipe recommendations than most mechanical meters 


Pulse Output Configuration.
A pulse output is standard on all models. Since this is an isolated output, the external equipment must include a DC power source to regenerate the pulse from the open-collector output  (transistor equivalent of a contact closure). A pull-up or pull-down resistor may be needed if not included in the user equipment as shown in the diagrams.
Both the power source and resistor may be supplied internally in some types of control and monitoring magnetic flow meter devices. If not, as for most PLC discrete input modules, they must be added externally at the module input terminals. The pulse output rate in volume units/pulse can be set by the user via the SET P tab on the meter’s setup menus.

iMag Flow Rate Table

Battery Powered Units

The  iMAG  4700 flow meter  can  come  configured  with  two replaceable 3.6V lithium ‘D’ batteries. In this configuration, the only option/output is the scaled pulse output which comes standard. The scaled output for the battery powered option has a maximum pulse rate of 150 pulses/second, with a fixed pulse width of 2.5ms. Be sure to set your P value such that the meter will function properly over the flow range in your flow meter application. The sample rate of the meter is user selectable through the SAMP tab in the meter’s sub-menu. Sample periods of 1/5, 1/3, 1, 3, 5, 15, 30, and 60 seconds can be selected. Larger sample periods will yield longer battery life but slower response time. Care must be taken to select a sample period that is suitable for your application. See the table below for the expected battery life as a function of sample period

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Electromagnetic flow meter merupakan jenis flow meter yang paling banyak dipakai untuk jenis cairan yang dasarnya adalah air yang mempunyai cconductivity tertentu. Magnetic flow meter atau Flow meter electromagnetic merupakan jenis flow meter yang prinsip kerjanya menggunakan hukum faraday yaitu bila  suatu fluida konduktif elektrik melewati pipa transduser, maka fluida akan bekerja sebagai konduktor yang bergerak memotong medan magnet yang dibangkitkan oleh kumparan magnetik dan transduser, sehingga timbul tegangan listrik induksi .
wmag30-1Flow meter electromagnetic ini menggunakan sensor eleketroda yang di pasng pada sisi dalam dari tabung sensor sehingga flow meter magnetic cukup aman untuk di gunakan pada air yang kotor ataupun air limbah yang kental. Flow meter electromagnetic hanya bisa di gunakan pada cairan air yang mempunyai konduktifitas tertentu dan rata rata flow meter electromagnetic akan bagus kerjanya jika di gunakan untuk air yang mempunyai konduktifitas diatas 20 micro siemenswmag30
Magnetic flow meter dari flowmag type wmag30 merupakan flow meter electromagnetic yang mempunyai sensor sangat peka terhadap kecepatan aliran air, karena mampu membaca aliran air yang sangan lambat yaitu 0.01 m/s. Dengan kemampuan sensor seperti itu maka flow meter flowmag wmag30  ini cukup bagus jika di aplikasikan pada low flow yang biasanya aliran air dalam pipa tidak menggunakan dorongan pipa tapi hanya mengandalkan perbedaan ketinggian atau gravitasi.
Flow mater flowmag model wmag30 mempunyai acurasi cukup baik yaitu 0.5% dengan size pipa dari DN10 hingga DN 1800 sedangkan untuk ukuran besar sebaiknya menggunakan yang tipe insertion. sedangkan coneksinya bisa menggunakan PN, ANSI dan JIS begitu juga class bisa hingga class ANSI900.
display wmag30Untuk jenis material dari linner juga ada beberapa pilihan dan material untuk flange dan cover bisa carbon steel, stainless steel 304 maupun SUS316. Mengenai unit pengukuran juga bisa di stetting ke liters, meters cubic, gallons maupun lainya sesuai dengan menu yang tersedia. Dan yang cukup menarik flow meter wmag30 ini mempunyai transmitter yang dilengkapi dengan diplay yang cukup lebar dengan 4 baris sehingga bisa langsung di tampilkan bacaan untuk flow rate, velocity dan totaliser serta status flow meternya.
Berikut spesifikasi flowmag type wmag30
Flow Range

Diagram Electric


Menu Setting
Menu Setting Flow Rate
Menu Setting Units


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