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Clamp On Ultrasonic Flow Meters

There are several types of flow meter which is based on the method of installation. Currently there are two types of flow meter installation is usually done by cutting the pipe and connect the flow meter or make a hole in the pipe surface. 

If we want the installation does not interfere with the installation of two production systems are not suitable, because it is an alternative that can be done is to attach the sensor to the surface of the pipe which is often known as a clam on. Clamp-on system installation can only be done by an ultrasonic flow meter types.

There are several types or models of flow meter with clamp-on mounting system:

Hand Held Ultrasonic Flow Meters Flow Meter The model SL1168P portable handheld ultrasonic flow meter (here-in after referred to as SL1168P) is a true state-of-the-art transit-time flow meter. read more... 

SL1168 Ultrasonic Flow meter uses the latest digital technology and low-voltage broadband pulse transmission. The instrument is tolerant of liquids with small amounts of air bubbles or more...

Ultrasonic flow meter Portable Flow Meter Clamp on flow meter Description Model SL1188P is a Portable Ultrasonic flow Meter. It collects Flow Data via a TPC (Tablet PC), and uses “UFM” more

SL1188 Industrial Non-Invasive Ultrasonic Transit-Time Flow Meter GENERAL DESCRIPTION The SL1188 Ultrasonic clamp on flow meters is a state-of-the-art universal transit-time more....