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Jumat, 24 Desember 2021

Kawaki Measuring Instrument

Kawaki Measuring Instrument

KAWAKI MEASURING INSTRUMENT Co., LTD has manufactured parts of shield machine of major heavy industry manufacturers, hydraulic pressure-related parts of major machine manufacturers, and parts for protecting voltage inverters of major heavy electric manufacturers in addition to flow rate measurement gauge (flow meter, flow switch, flow sight etc.) since the initiation in April 1948. We are developing and manufacturing various types of flow meters to meet a very wide range of market requests.

Kawaki Product List

Flow Meter Flow Switch

Kawaki Flow Switch flow meter 
Kawaki Flow Switch flow meter

SF type flow switch / flow meter

    • Suitable for high-temperature and high-pressure liquid of unclear liquid (oil etc.)
    • The contact of flow switch is the internal variable type, however, if you change the contact frequently, the external variable type is also manufactured.
    • For use outdoors and at places with bad environment, totally waterproof type (IEC, IP67) is also manufactured.

FY type flow switch / flow meter

    • Suitable for comparatively small flow rate (equivalent to water 0 to 15L/min) of high-temperature and high-pressure fluid of unclear liquid (oil, etc.)

SA type flow switch / flow meter

    • This flow meter / flow switch is the down-sized SF type and the features are same as those of SF type and SA type.
    • The external variable type is also manufactured.

KY type flow switch / flow meter

    • Suitable for unclear liquid because the indication part is separated using a mechanical seal
    • Flow direction is not restricted
    • Contact position is variable

Orifice Flow Meter

Orifice flow meter

A simple structure that attaches a flow rate indicator to the corner tap orifice realizes superior cost performance and low-cost flow rate measurement even for large bore. Various types of flow rate indicators are lined up to meet wide-ranging needs.

Orifice flange / orifice plate

Also possible to manufacture only either the orifice flange or the orifice plate

Flow Sight / Flow Indicator

FS type flow sight (transparent type sight glass)
FS-M / FS-O type flow sight (magnet servility type)
FS-C / FS-N flow sight type with needle valve
FI type sight feed indicator
MFI type multi flow sight

Kawaki Variable Area Flow Meter

SR type flow meter
KNR type flow meter
NF type flow switch
INF type flow meter / flow switch