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Minggu, 20 Februari 2022

Bamo 620 Composite Water Meter

Bamo 620 Composite Water-Meter With the design of the measuring chamber, the Type 620 has an extremely low start-up flow. It is supplied with a metro-logic lead compliant withMID 2014/32/EU regulations and a ratio Q3/Q1 of 400. The Type 620 is protected against solid materials present in the water by a tubing strainer and a filter.
Bamo 620 Composite Water Meter

The finest particles can pass through the meter without damaging it: a patented system prevents particles from becoming trapped between the piston and the measuring chamber. The gears are located in the dry totalizer, which eliminates any risk of blocking by particles. The Type 620 water-meter maintains metro-logic features throughout its lifetime, even under the most difficult conditions.

Bamo 620 Composite Water-Meter Features:

  • Water-meter ND 15 or ND 20
  • Composite body, dry dial head
  • Suitable with drinking water
  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • High resistance to aggressive, waste water


The display on 8 reading rollers (5 for cubic metres and 3 for litres) and 1 pointer, guarantee a perfect readability. The resolution is 0.05 litres. The totalizer has a central disc allowing to visualize very low flow rates, thus, showing a possible downstream leak. The dial window is equipped with a wiper for optimum readability in all circumstances. The Type 620 can operate in any position, and its rotary dial can be rotated along 350°. This ensures easy reading regardless of the conditions of use. As an option, the water-meter can be supplied with a waterproof glass-to-metal totalizer (IP 68).

HRI pulse output option:

The totalizer is ready to assemble an HRI pulse output accessory. This device reproduces the mechanical index of the totalizer by detecting each rotation of the counter. It records both direction flows and therefore ensure an accurate measurement. It is an essential option for a remote reading and data transmission. Using the decilitre needle to activate the HRI provides a resolution of one or ten litres per pulse.


This water-meter is designed for potable or demineralized water as well as polluted water (by corrosion, scaling, particles, etc.)

Bamo 620 Composite Water-Meter Specification:

Metro-logic performances according to MID Directive

Nominal diameterND 15ND 20 
Permanent flow Q3 [ m³/h ]2.54 
Ratio R = Q3/Q140/80/160/315/400 
Maximum flow Q4 [ m³/h ]3.1255 
Minimum flow Q1 [ l/h ]6.2510 
Transition rate Q2 [ l/h ]1016 

Dimensions ( mm ]

Nominal diameterND 15ND 20 
Length L170190 
Width D8797.2 
Total height H142.6149 
Total height H1 with HRI161.5167.9 
Distance h18.9521.5 
FittingsG 3/4” BG1”B 
Mass [ kg ]0.60.68 

Metro-logic features

Nominal flow (m³/h) - Nominal diameter 2.5 - ND 154-ND20
Flow range (m³/ h)Q10.006250.01
 Q3/Q1400 ––> (other Q3/Q1 on request) 
Accuracy± 2 % (Q2<Q<Q4) Water at temperature = or < 30 °C  
 ± 3 % (Q2<Q<Q4) Water at temperature > 30 °C  
Temperature limits0,1...50 °C  
Pressure drop (MAP)0.3 bar (0.03 Mpa) - 16 bar (1.6 Mpa)  
Pressure drop ∆P0.63 bar (0.063 MPa)  
Environmental classI  
Mechanical conditionsM2  
Climatic conditions5...70 °C  
Electromagnetic conditionsE2  

Download Data Sheet: Composite Water-Meter TYPE 620