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Minggu, 13 Februari 2022

Dwyer GVS Series Piston Globe Valve Switch

Dwyer GVS Series Piston Globe Valve Switch offer accurate flow detection with 1% repeatability and external adjustability over a broad range of flow settings for compatible liquids.
Dwyer GVS Series Piston Globe Valve Switch

Shuttle or piston flow switches are sensors with an electrical contact output at a specific flow rate. Models are used with oil, air, water and gases. Applications include oil flow control, low flow detection in cooling lines, and high pressure lubrication systems. Rugged construction and excellent chemical compatibility simplify flow/no flow detection.

Dwyer GVS Series Features

  • Externally adjustable flow set point
  • Durable construction delivers long-life reliability in either water or oil
  • Ample space for flow to pass keep pressure drop low


  • Detection of improper flow rates in high volume lubrication
  • Low flow detection in cooling lines
  • Flow detection in process systems

Dwyer GVS Series Specification

ServiceCompatible liquids.
Wetted MaterialsHousing: Bronze; Shuttle: TFE; Bonnet: Bronze; Spring: 316SS; Other: Fluoroelastomer, ceramic.
Temperature Limits-20 to 200°F (-29 to 93°C).
Pressure Limits400 psig (27 bar) @ 100°F (38°C).
Repeatability1% maximum deviation.
Switch TypeSPDT.
Electrical Rating17 A @ 120 VAC, .08 A @ 240 VAC, .13 A @ 120 VDC, .06 A @ 240 VDC.
Electrical Connections18 AWG, 24" (61 cm) length, Polymeric lead wires.
Process Connections1" female NPT.
Mounting OrientationAny position. Set points shown are based on horizontal, lead wires up positional.
Required Filtration150 microns or better.
Weight2 lb, 8 oz (1.16 kg).
Agency ApprovalCE.

Download Data Sheet: Series GVS Piston Globe Valve Switch

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