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Sabtu, 19 Februari 2022

Energoflow AG Metering Complexes for Custody Transfer


Energoflow AG Metering Complexes for Custody Transfer a high accuracy two-channel ultrasonic gas flow meter GF202 with straight meter runs and flow conditioner,  Flow computer for volume correction as per customer's requirements, absolute pressure sensor/transmitter (accuracy not worse than 0,075%), temperature sensor Pt100/temperature transmitter, Cabinet mounted uninterrupted power supply with a communication interface for installation in the non-hazardous zone.

The Flow Metering Complexes for Custody Transfer of Natural Gas can be used for reliable measurement of volumetric data of various gaseous media for custody transfer applications, for example:

  • natural gas;
  • fuel gases;
  • industrial gases
  • air.

Energoflow AG Features:

  • High overall accuracy – 0,75%, special version with overall accuracy 0,5% available on order
  • Ability to measure bidirectional flows
  • No moving parts
  • No pressure loss;
  • presence of the built-in calibrator, which makes possible in-situ metrological verification of the flow meter by imitation method.


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 Technical Characteristics

Diameter, mm35 - 3500
Working environmentsair, natural gas
Quantity of beams2
Minimal speed, m/s0,1
Maximal speed ,m/s35
Accuracy class, %From ± 0,5 up to ± 2
Maximal pressure, MPa1,6
Maximal temperature °C150
Temperature °C- 25… +60
PowerAC 220V, 50 Hz,
DC 24 V, 10 W


Ref: Energoflow.com