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Kamis, 02 Juni 2022

aw-lake Fiber Optic Sensor

AW Lake FOP-20 Fiber Optic Sensor system consists of a FOP 20 or FOP-30 Reluctance Pickup with a Fiber Optic Transmitter, Fiber Optic Cable and OPTV-20 Fiber Optic Receiver. The FOP-20 is in an Explosion Proof Housing for use with HPM, JVM, or JVS series flow meters. The FOP-30 is in an intrinsically safe housing for use with HPM-SLG or JVS-SLG series.
aw-lake Fiber Optic Sensor

The fiber optic cable coming from the FOP-20 or FOP-30 terminates in the OPTV-20 receiver. This receiver consists of an infrared photo-diode, pulse shaper and an amplifier built into a Potter & Brumfield polycarbonate casing which plugs into an 8 pin Octal style socket. On the top of the module, a red LED is mounted which will blink when a frequency signal is detected at the fiber optic receiver.

It is recommended that the unit be mounted to allow operator observation of the LED. The output from the OPTV-20 is a square wave frequency which is proportional to the flow through the flow meter on which the FOP-20 or FOP-30 is mounted. The maximum frequency should not be over 500 Hz. The output from the OPTV-20 is a NPN open collector amplifier with a 1 KΩ pull-up resistor.

The FOP-20 consist of the following stages:

  1. Pickup coil
  2. Battery/electronic Module
  3. Infrared transmitter

AW Lake FOP-20 Fiber Optic Sensor Features:

  • Meter Compatibility: Used with JV-CG and JV-KG meters
  • System Includes: Meter mounted reluctance pickup with a fiber optic transmitter, fiber optic cable and OPTV-20 fiber optic receiver
  • Four cable lengths: 30', 45', 60' and 100'

AW Lake FOP-20 Fiber Optic Sensor Specification:

  • To transmit a safe fiber optic signal. This allows the incorporation of flow meters into fully charged electrostatic paint systems (35 - 120 Kilo Volts.)
  • User friendly in respect to initial hookup and maintenance.
  • Swivel connector to flow meter for easy installation/removal. (FOP-20 only)
  • Single, sealed, extra long life battery and electronic module.
  • Simple industrial technology that is easy for maintenance personnel to understand.
  • CMOS technology for long battery life.

Download Data Sheet: FOP-20 Fiber Optic Sensor