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Minggu, 13 Februari 2022

Accuracy of Electromagnetic Water Meter

 Accuracy of Electromagnetic Water Meter is mainly based on Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction. At present, electromagnetic water meters are mainly pipe type electromagnetic water meters and plug-in electromagnetic water meters, which are water meters specially used for trade settlement between water companies and users.

Accuracy of Electromagnetic Water Meter

Although the electromagnetic water meter has greatly increased the interference from the environment in the upgrade of the past generations, it is inevitable that some other factors will affect its accuracy. The following electromagnetic water meter manufacturers will analyze which conditions will affect the accuracy of the electromagnetic water meter.

The Influence of Liquid Temperature

Due to the working principle of the electromagnetic water meter, it is generally believed that the measurement of the electromagnetic water meter is not affected by temperature, but it will still have a certain impact in its work. This is because when the temperature is too high, the lining material is different, which may cause deformation, and the measurement data will also change as a result. These are still not negligible for high-precision electromagnetic water meters, so the choice of lining material Be sure to communicate clearly with the supplier.

 The Influence of Conductivity

The influence of conductivity is not the influence of power supply voltage. Electromagnetic water meters are generally powered by lithium batteries. When the battery is about to be completely depleted, the electromagnetic water meters will sound an alarm, so it is generally independent of the power supply voltage. Conductivity refers to the conductivity value of the liquid, and generally cannot be lower than the product use regulations, otherwise, it will cause measurement errors and make it impossible to use.

 Influence of Installation Method

Whether it is an electromagnetic water meter or a high-precision electromagnetic flow meter, most of the water meters require full pipe flow measurement. At the same time, there are requirements for straight pipes before and after installation.