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Sabtu, 19 Februari 2022

Bmeters LORA-PULSE LoRaWAN Module for Pulse Output Meters



The LORA-PULSE counts the pulses output by the IWM-PL3 or IWM-PL4. The corresponding water volume depends on the set “Pulse ratio X”-value in the IWM-PL3 or IWM-PL4, which in turn depends on the type of water meter used. To get the LORA-PULSE to report water volume in liter it is required to set the IWM Pulse Ratio to the same value as Pulse Ratio X in the IWM-PL3 or IWM-PL4.

The LoRaWAN module LORA-PULSE is designed to work in combination together any brand size and version of water meters equipped with pulse output and especially with pulse output module B METERS’ IWM-PL3 and IWM-PL4. That allows the transmission of data and alarms recorded by the meters through a LoRaWAN network in all the cases where the integrated module cannot be used or where it’s required to turn away the module from the meter.

The LORA-PULSE Industrial communication and control unit is designed with focus on ease-of-use and reliable operation in LoRaWAN networks. The product is dedicated to be used together with BMeters’ IWM sensor. Normal users will only need to read the 5-step guide at the beginning of this manual.

Technical Features

Radio interfaceLoRaWan EU868
Frequency bands868 MHz
Join modeOTAA (ABP on request)
Battery life length10 years (dependent on application)
Primary cellLithium Manganese 3V
Size & capacity2x CR123A 1.7 Ah
Size120 x 65 x 43 mm
Weight180 g
Operating temperature+1°C a +55°C
IP ProtectionIP68
CertificationsRoHS compliant CE LoRaWAN


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Download Datasheet: Bmeters LORA-PULSE LoRaWAN Module for Pulse Output Meters