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Senin, 21 Februari 2022

Dinel HLM–16-25 Hydrostatic Level Meter

  Dinel HLM–16-25 Hydrostatic Level Meter is a compact measuring device containing the ceramic geometric sensor and evaluation electronics in stainless steel probe. From the probe, housing comes out 2-wire cable with capillary (for atmospheric pressure compensation). The opposite end of the probe is equipped with a stainless discharge cap to prevent mechanical damage to the membrane.

Dinel HLM–16-25 Hydrostatic Level Meter

The HLM-25 type is equipped with a supporting suspension tab for easy mounting at large depths. The level meter has no customer-accessible adjusting elements.

Dinel HLM–16-25 Features

  • Precise customer choice of the measurement range up to 200 m (H2O)
  • Current output
  • Inside probe overvoltage protection
  • Easy "plug and play" installation without any settings
  • For continuous measurement of nonaggressive liquids in non-pressurized tanks, wells, wells, etc.


Technical specification
Supply voltage (current/voltage output)10 ... 30 V DC / –10 ... 30 V DC / 15 ... 30 V DC
Type output4 ... 20 mA4 ... 20 mA or 0 ... 10 V
Pressure permissible overloadrange 1 m H2O10x range40x range
range 4 m H2O25x range
other ranges10x range
Basic error (of the total range)range 1 m H2O0,5 %0,6 %
 range 4 m H2O0,3 %
 other ranges0,2 %
Hysteresis, repeatability 0,05 %
Long-term stability0,1 % / Year or 1 cm H2O / Year
Temperature errormax. 0,04 % / K
Compensated temperature range (standard) 0 ... +25 °C
Ambient temperature range (medium temperature)Ranges > 20 m H2O0 ... +50 °C-25 ... +75 °C
Ranges ≤ 20 m H2O-25 ... +50 °C
Maximal load resistance (for U = 24 V) Rmax= 675 Ω
Protection class IP68
Used materialsProbe housingAISI 316LAISI 316L
MembraneAISI 316Lhastelloy C-276
Hanging loopstainless steel
Cable isolationpolyurethanepolyurethane
Weight (without cable) a 0,45 kg cca 0,6 kg

Download Catalog: Hydrostatic level meter HLM–16N,25N

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