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Selasa, 22 Februari 2022

FLUXTRONIC­­ Flux Flow Meter

FLUXTRONIC­­ Flux Flow Meter reliable FMC and FMJ (constructed according to the principle of nutating disc) or FMO (constructed to the principle of oval rotors) offers in combination with our drum pumps everything which is needed for the fast and secure emptying of drums and containers. Basically there are two operation modes available. In normal mode the measured volume will be displayed.
FLUXTRONIC­­ Flux Flow Meter

With the evaluation unit FLUXTRONIC® for FMC/FMJ and FMO filling and dosing processes of almost all kinds of fluids can be performed with maximum precision and highest safety. There are two operating option. While in "normal mode" only the passed through volume is displayed in "automatic mode" it is possible to fill pre-programmed quantities semi-automatically at the push of a button. As soon as the requested quantity is filled it is possible to output two signals. This way, e.g. a valve or a drive motor can be controlled or the signal is forwarded to a PLC.

FLUXTRONIC­­ Flux Flow Meter Features:

  • All data will be maintained when replacing the battery due to currentless memory
  • 4 safety levels with PIN setting
  • Special Exit key
  • Single configuration of keys by one function only
  • Also for the explosion proof area in zone 1


  • For wall mounting
  • Calibration on medium possible
  • Display of filled quantity (normal mode)
  • With switching amplifier batch operation possible (automatic mode)
  • New menu-driven control panel
  • Three additional outlets


MaterialsBody and fitting: PPO glass fiber reinforced; Seal: NBR
 Paddle: PP; Seal: Santoprene
 (Chemical resistance to Ozone; Other many disinfectants for
 water: On request)
FittingBSP ½''
Torque7 N.m
PipingFrom ND 25 up to ND 65
Temperature limitsLiquid: +5 ... +80 °C
 Ambient: +5 ... +50 °C
Pressure limit1 MPa (PN 10) at 20 °C
ContactReed contact: N.O. without flow
Switching power3A/250VAC
Trigger pointSee table, listed values ± 30 %
ConnectionCable (max. 50 °C): 3 0.75 mm²; Length: 2 m
ProtectionIP 65
Ambient temperature-20 to +40 °C (at temp.
 below 0 °C the LCD-
 display is slowed)
Housing materialPP
Pulse length2 ms
Power supplyLithium battery CR 2032
Protection classIP 54
InputMechanical contact
 (REED sensor) start/stop
 signal 1 – e. g. for motor,
 signal 2 – e. g. for valve,
 error signal
 OK signal
Ex-markingII 2G Ex ia IIB T6 Gb

Download Data Sheet: Flow Meter FLUXTRONIC®

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