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About Us

Wiratama Mitra Abadi is an experienced company as a distributor of Instrumentation, Mechanic and Automation tools in an integrated manner. Having a long experience in providing services to many types of industrial sectors such as automotive factories, food and beverages, oil palm, oil and gas, sewage treatment, water treatment plants, petrochemicals, general industries, etc

We started with retail products for various manufacturing companies that finally in trust by some famous brands from abroad as resellers, agents and distributors for the territory of Indonesia.

Our specialty is on flow meter, Level sensor, Pressure sensor, Temperature sensor, and other supporting components such as switch, HMI, Recorders and control

Our philosophy is to provide the best products and services, by understanding customer needs tailored to the quality of goods, budget, delivery time and after sales service.

We always invest time in knowing every detail of requirement as well as ensuring other needs that are tailored to the application in the field in order to get the best solution for the customer.

We continue to innovate better by trying to present competitive prices, faster delivery, and adequate stock by displaying shop on line so that specifications, prices and deliveri can be monitored directly.

We believe that long relationships can only be achieved by providing our customers and suppliers with satisfaction

Theory of Flow Meter

Flow meter is a measuring instrument used to measure the flow rate of either gas or liquid which aims to determine the flow rate, volumetric or mass of fluid.

Selection of the type of flow meter there are several considerations that we have to do as a factor positioning and installation costs, the purpose of the installation of flow meters, maintenance cost, operator knowledge, availability of spare parts as well as other factors adjusted to the field conditions.

The most common mistake is the installation of flow meters in the selection of the type of flow meter that is not based on objective and field conditions, but only based on the flow meter cheap price. Price low flow meter which can lead to high cost of installation, maintenance, operation and life time is short

This web page will help you understand more about the types, installation,  the workings and functions of the flow meter. You can contact us to be able to speak directly with an application engineer at any time in order to determine the type of flow meter to which you want the application

Type of  Flow Meter :

Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Ultrasonic Clamp on Flow Meter

PVC Flow Meter

Stainless Steel Flow Meter

Insertion Flow Meter

Portable Flow Meter

Coriolis Mass Flow Meter

Thermall Mass Flow Meter
Rota Meter

PD Flow Meter
Vortex Flow Meter
Orrifice Flow Meter