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Plastic Flow Meter

Flow meter that uses plastic materials widely used in the chemical industry or the other. The flow meter using nonmetallic materials where the material can be pvc, POM, PP, Teflon or other.

This material can be used in acid or alkaline solution clams highly concentrated once to pH extremes such as sulfuric acid or other acid having a concentration of up to 100%.

As for the material flow meter in contact with highly acidic chemical solution can also be combined with a ceramic material. A customer at a major chemical company is using several Seametrics flow meters to measure and control very low flow rates of HCl vapor.  .

To withstand the corrosive effects of the HCl, the wetted tubing material for the sensors is non metal material such us Poly Propiline , Teflon and PVC.

There are several types of  flow meters that can be used for these types of chemicals like are as follows

Plastic Material Flow Meter

turbine flow meter
Stainless Steel Flow Meter

 PVC Flow Meters

flow meer controller
Flow Controller