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Teflon Flow Meter

These versatile impeller flowmeters are availalble in 3/8", 1/2”, 3/4”, and 1" nominal pipe sizes with female NPT threads. They employ jewel bearings to allow for very low minimum flow rates and superior life. With a body material of polypropylene, the SPX flow meters  is an economical choice for metering water or low corrosion fluids. The lens cover is available in a choice of materials: acrylic for visual flow indication of low-corrosion fluids; polypropylene when more corrosion resistance is needed. The standard rotor assembly is Kynar with tungsten carbide shaft. The O-ring is EPDM.

The SPT flow sesnor offers greater chemical resistance with a Teflon body and cover, Teflon-coated Viton O-ring, and standard Kynar/ ceramic rotor assembly.  The pulse output of these flow  meters is compatible with many different types of controls, including a full range of Seametrics rate displays and controls. The Seametrics FT420 provides flow rate and total flow indication, with 4-20 mA output capability. The FT415 is a battery-operated rate & total display. For metering pump pacing or interfacing with low speed counters, the PD10 pulse divider is recommended. The AO55 may be used for blind
4-20mA transmission.