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Selasa, 09 Desember 2014

Flow Meter for Heavy Equipment

DFM flow meters are designed to measure the flow of liquid fuel in the car engines, river boats, tractors, locomotives, diesel - generators, as well as in boilers, burners and other liquid fuel consuming devices. 
DFM flow meters can be used to measure the flow of diesel and fuel oil, mineral oil and other liquid fuels with kinetic viscosity from 1.5 to 6 mm2/ sec. It is possible to use the flow meters for more viscous fluids, but the maximum flow rate can be less than the rated one, and the pressure drop on the sensor can become more. DFM are made of materials resistant to petroleum. When working with petroleum you should apply safety devices in accordance with national legislation. Factory testing of DFM is carried out on diesel fuel.

DFM model range includes single- and dual-chamber (differential) flow meters (see fig. 1).

There are several DFM models that differ in type of data transfer like interface DFM (with the connector), autonomous  DFM (with display to show information), and hybrid DFM (they have both display and interface output). During operation of  DFM it is necessary strongly to follow the manufacturer's recommendations  mentioned  in  this  manual. The manual is for the professional users who are familiar with the rules for repair and installation works on vehicles and who have professional knowledge in the field of  electrical and electronic equipment of various transport vehicles. 
To ensure the proper functioning of the DFM, its installation and set-up should be carried out by certified  professionals  trained by the manufacturer. DFM can be used in temperate and cold climates

DFM are applied for:
·  recording the actual fuel consumption;
·  control the actual operational time of the machines;
·  rate setting of fuel consumption;
·  detection of  fuel thefts;
·  monitoring  in real-time and optimization of fuel consumption;
·  engine tests in fuel consumption.