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Sabtu, 19 Februari 2022

Energoflow EFS-T Reference Turbine Gas Meters

Energoflow EFS-T Reference Turbine Gas Meters is intended for installation on reference calibration rigs for calibration and verification of gas meters of any type with air as the operating environment. The meters are equipped with an electronics unit (EU) and rotary transducer with mounted binary pulse-frequency sensors and pressure sensors.
Energoflow EFS-T Reference Turbine Gas Meters

The meter EFS-T is intended for measuring the volume of gas passing through its input channel of circular section. The gas flow volume is transmitted to a PC via the EU. The meters are designed for vertical installation on the reference equipment with DN 50 mm, DN 80 mm, DN 100 mm, DN 150 mm, DN 200 mm, DN 250 mm, DN 300 mm, DN 400 mm.


Energoflow EFS-T Technical Data

 General industrial application designExplosion-proof design
Measuring mediumair
Operating pressure, MPa1,6; 4,0; 6,3
Limits of basic relative permissible error,
not worse %
± 0,2
Repetition, at least %± 0,03
Repeating accuracy within 2 years, at least %± 0,1
Frequency output with adjusted multiplication factor Fmax, kHz5
Signal of flow rate excess for the emergency system shutdownType «dry contact»
Loading capacitance of emergency output shutdown:
voltage, V, max
max current, mA, max
Operating conditions:
-The temperature of the operating environment and ambient air, °C, at least
- Relative humidity of air at the temperature
+25 °C, %
- atmospheric pressure, kPa

10 up to 30

up to 80
from 84,0 up to 106,7

Power consumption, W, max0,56,0
Supply voltage, DCVfrom 9 up to 24
Lifetime, min. years10


Archive data: 

  • hourly- for every preceding hour - the size of archive 1488 records (62 days);
  • daily- for every preceding day - the size of archive 730 records;
  • power on/off instances - the size of archive 512 messages;
  • emergencies - the size of archive 720 messages;
  • intervention - changing the adjustment parameters (size of archive 889 messages).

The control software program is used for recording, viewing, and changing the settings of the flow meter, recording, and viewing of measurement data, as well as for reading data archive.

This program allows you to view the archive data and modify the flow meter settings via a PC monitor and then upload the archive data to a file on the flow meter. The flow meter protects settings and archive data from unauthorized changes by restricting access through a system of passwords and hardware-based protection of configuration from being overwritten.

Ref: Energoflow.com