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Jumat, 15 Juli 2022

Kobold Polysulfone PPS Paddle Switch

The KOBOLD Messring GmbH is one of the leading international instrumentation engineering enterprises specialized on monitoring, measuring and regulating the physical quantities of flow through, pressure, level and temperature.
Kobold Polysulfone PPS Paddle Switch

The flow monitor PPS is a flow monitor for nominal pipe sizes greater than NW 32. Fluid flow (regardless of direction) deflects the paddle and over an eccentric moves a magnet holder fitted to a permanent magnet. The magnet actuates non-contacting a dry-reed switch embedded in the switching tube.

The paddle switch is available with N/O contact or N/C contact. The inlet and outlet pipe section should be approximately three times the nominal size of the piping. The flow monitor can be fitted in a standard T piece or reducing pipe. Ideally the flow monitor should be fitted in horizontal piping.

Switching range:
36 ... 108 l/min water (rising)
18 ... 72 l/min water (falling)
Connection: G 1, 1" NPT for DN32 ... DN80
Material: polysulfone
pmax: 10 bar
tmax: 105°C
Adjustable accuracy: ±20 % of reading



  • Monitoring cooling circuits
  • Dry running protection for pumps
  • Prevention of low water levels
  • Monitoring pipe fractures
  • Monitoring lubricant circuits


Technical Details

  • Material: polysulfone, transparent
  • Connection: G1 or 1" NPT
  • Medium temperature: max. +105°C
  • Operating pressure: max. 10 bar
  • Maximum pressure drop: 0.1 bar
  • Setting tolerance: ±20% of reading
  • Repeatability: ±3% of reading
  • Other materials exposed to the medium: stainless steel, ceramic magnet
  • Electrical connection: connector socket according to DIN 43 650
  • Protection type: IP65
  • Mounting position: paddle vertical/ pipe horizontal
  • Switch: N/C, N/O or SPDT contact, hermetically sealed dry-reed switch
  • Max. Switching capacity:
    230 VAC/DC; 2 A; 40 W/VA
    (N/C, N/O)
    100 VDC; 0.5 A; 5 W
    (changeover contact)

Order Details (Example: PPS-1201)

Contact operation (with rising flow rate)Order number G1 maleOrder number 1" NPT male
N/C contactPPS-1201PPS-3205
N/O contactPPS-1202PPS-3206
Changeover contactPPS-1203PPS-3203

Download Datasheet: Kobold Polysulfone PPS Paddle Switch

Reference : kobold.com