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Minggu, 18 Januari 2015

Chemical Flow Meters

Chemical Flow Meter
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For over 25 years Seametrics Flow Meters  have been  providing high-value flow meters and helping chemical processes ensure accurate reaction, optimize production, increase safety,   See real improvement in your plant’s efficiency by switching to Seametrics flow measurement devices.

The unique capability of  Seametrics flow meters to measure very low flow, often combined with our flow meters plastic bodied that safety option, makes them useful in many types of chemical/ fertilizer applications.

A customer at a major chemical company is using severalSeametrics flow meters to measure and control very low flow rates of HCl vapor.  .

To withstand the corrosive effects of the HCl, the wetted tubing material for the sensors is non metal material such us Poly bPropiline , Teflon and PVC.

Seametrics Chemical Flow Meters advantage:  corrosion resistance, low flow rate sensitivity, low cost maintenance.

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Chemical Flow Meter

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