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Rabu, 13 Juli 2016

Gerand engineering Pump Test Meter

Gerand Engineering provides the highest quality products for fire pump testing and hydronic balancing. Our meters are FM approved and NIST certified with a 5-year warranty. Gerand’s 50 years of experience delivers the results our customers demand.

Working in close partnership with our customers, we provide high-value, high-performance components and systems. We are dedicated to providing a world-class customer experience while delivering the quality products, systems and results our customers and partners demand.

Gerand suggests using Venturis on all units at least 2-1/2" and larger for ultimate accuracy and lowest possible head loss. Orifices may also be used though the permanent head loss, with orifices is substantially increased from that of Venturis.
On 1/2" through 2" lines we recommend using Balvalve-Venturis furnished as a one-piece Venturi/valve with a memory lock on the handle.

All flow fittings should be supplied with chained metal tag indicating the unit size, unit location, GPM and corresponding differential reading in inches of water. Venturis and indicators should be supplied with nipple, valve and quick disconnect meter fittings. Balvalve-Venturis should be
supplied with nipples and quick disconnects.

A portable 0-50" or 0-100" differential meter shall be used for balancing flow in all  units. Meter should be furnished as part of the system.