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Senin, 27 Desember 2021

Macnaught MX12 Series Model ½” Digital Flow Meter

Macnaught MX12 Series Model ½” Digital Flow Meter are suitable for flows between 0.5-8 GPM. The ½” Digital Flow Meters have an accuracy of +/- 0.5% and provides exceptional levels of reliability and durability.
Macnaught MX12 Series Model ½” Digital Flow Meter

Macnaught’s Positive Displacement Flow Meters are suitable for a wide range of industrial applications including fuel and oil distribution, corrosive chemical, solvent measurement and high pressure applications to name a few. Macnaught offers Positive Displacement Flow Meters featuring Oval Gear technology.

The measuring principle includes two high precision toothed oval gears, which are driven by the flow of the medium and mesh with each other: in presence of a flow, defined volumes of fluid are transported through the meter for each rotation of oval gears pair. As the flow rate increases, so does the rotational speed of the rotors.

Macnaught MX12 Series Features

  • Latest Meter Technology
  • Modular Design allows for design flexibility
  • Solid Billet Construction
  • Programmable Digital Display w varied output options


  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • Suitable for viscous fluids
  • Cost-effective
  • Accuracy unaffected by changes in viscosity
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Ease of installation
  • Exceptional turn-down ratio

Macnaught MX12 Series Specification

Materials of Construction   
Meter BodyAluminium (6061)Aluminium (6061)Stainless Steel (316)
RotorPPSStainless Steel (316)PPS
   Stainless Steel (316)
SealsFluorocarbon (FKM)PTFE encapsulated (FEP)PTFE encapsulated (FEP)
Design SpecificationsThreadedThreadedThreaded
Process Connections ½" G ½" G ½" G
 ½” NPT½” NPT½” NPT
Technical Specifications   
Operating Temperature-40 - 80ºC-40 - 120ºC-40 - 80ºC (150ºC with high temp. rotors)
Range-40 - 176ºF-40 - 248ºF-40 - 176ºF (302ºF with high temp. rotors)
Max. Operating2000 psi2000 psi2000 psi
Pressure138 Bar138 Bar138 Bar
Accuracy+/- 0.5%+/- 0.5%+/- 0.5%
Repeatability+/- 0.03%+/- 0.03%+/- 0.03%
Nominal K-Factor423.97 Pulses/Gallon423.97 Pulses/Gallon423.97 Pulses/Gallon

Download Data Sheet: Series MX12 ½” Digital Flow Meters