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Minggu, 26 Desember 2021

Macnaught Oil Meter 1/2" Electronic Series

Macnaught Oil Meter 1/2" Electronic Series display showing both cumulative and push-button reset batch total, and pulse output versions are also available if remote data is required.
Macnaught Oil Meter 1/2" Electronic Series

Macnaught Americas is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Macnaught Pty Ltd and oversees all business operations in Canada, the USA, Mexico, Central / South America & The Caribbean Basin marketplaces. Established in Tampa FL in 1989, our location stocks MX and M Series Meters and Meter parts along with a healthy Inventory of Grease, Oil & Fuel fluid transfer pumps, Retractable Hose Reels, and dispensing items. The Tampa staff has decades of advanced applications experience & can quote your needs quickly.

Macnaught Pty Ltd, is a privately owned Sydney, Australia based corporation. Established in 1948, Macnaught has been designing and manufacturing industrial grade Positive Displacement Oval Gear Flow Meters, Retractable Hose Reels, and Grease / Oil / Fuel Fluid Handling Products for the agriculture, automotive, chemical, industrial, general process, marine, mining, OEM and transport industries. Leaders in our field, we design and manufacture long-lasting robust products with a commitment to provide:
  • Best cost of ownership spanning the entire Macnaught product range
  • Industry-leading technical product applications assistance & support
  • Customer service with a high sense of urgency
  • Complete client satisfaction – our goal is to develop long term customer relationships – not focus on the transaction

Series Electronic Oil Meter 1/2"

Macnaught’s Positive Displacement Flow Meters are suitable for a wide range of industrial applications including fuel and oil distribution, corrosive chemicals, solvent measurement, and high-pressure applications to name a few. Macnaught offers Positive Displacement Flow Meters featuring Oval Gear technology.

The measuring principle includes two high-precision toothed oval gears, which are driven by the flow of the medium and mesh with each other: in presence of a flow, defined volumes of fluid are transported through the meter for each rotation of oval gears pair. As the flow rate increases, so does the rotational speed of the rotors. The number of gear rotations is a measure of the amount of fluid that has passed through the meter; each rotation is detected by a sensor and the volume is calculated using a conversion factor (K factor).

Incorporating Macnaught’s oval gear technology, robust construction and quality register display, this in-line meter range offers fast and accurate fluid measurements for most oil applications.

Macnaught Oil Meter 1/2" Advantages

  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • Suitable for viscous fluids
  • Cost-effective
  • Accuracy unaffected by changes in viscosity
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Ease of installation
  • Exceptional turn-down ratio


  • Digital display showing both cumulative & push-button reset batch totals
  • Suitable for oils up to SAE 140, automatic trans fluid, engine oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil coolant, diesel, kerosene
  • Flow Range .26 – 8 GPM
  • Accurate reading to +/-0.5% with maximum pressure to 69BAR / 6,900kPa (1,000psi)
  • ½” NPT (F) inlet/outlet ports
  • 6-digit digital display resettable batch totalizer, resettable and non-resettable totals
  • 3-year average battery life

Download Data Sheet: Series Electronic Oil Meter 1/2"