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Kamis, 06 Januari 2022

Dwyer RM Series Variable Area Rate-Master® Polycarbonate Flow Meter

 Dwyer RM Series Variable Area Rate-Master® Polycarbonate Flow Meter are a line of general use, direct reading precision flow meters suitable for both gas and liquid applications. This Series consists of 2" (51 mm), 5" (127 mm) and 10" (254 mm) scales that can be panel or surface mounted with optional precision metering valves.

Within a given Series, the Rate-Master® flow meter bodies can be instantly interchanged, allowing the piping to remain undisturbed, interchangeability of the ranges, and easy cleaning.

Dwyer RM Series Features

  • Direct reading scales eliminate the need for troublesome conversions
  • Stainless steel backbone absorbs piping torque reducing installation damage and cost
  • Shatter-proof polycarbonate allows for long operation life
  • Precision injection molding around a precision tapered pin enables high repeatability
  • Increased reading accuracy with special integral flow guides that stabilize float movement
  • Scale graduations on both side of the indicating tube allow for instantaneous flow reading saving time


  • Medical equipment
  • Air samplers
  • Gas analyzers
  • Pollution monitors
  • Chemical injectors
  • Cabinet purging

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Dwyer RM Series Specification

ServiceCompatible gases and liquids.
Wetted MaterialsBody: Polycarbonate; O-ring: Neoprene and Buna-N; Metal parts: SS (except for optional brass valve); Float: SS, black glass, aluminum, K monel, tungsten carbide depending on range.
Temperature Limit130°F (54°C).
Pressure Limit100 psi (6.9 bar).
AccuracyRMA: 4%; RMB: 3%; RMC: 2% of FS.
Process ConnectionRMA: 1/8"; RMB: 1/4"; RMC: 1/2" female NPT.
WeightRMA: 4 oz (113.4 g); RMB: 13 oz (368.5 g); RMC: 39 oz (1105.6 g).
Agency ApprovalsMeets the technical requirements of EU Directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS II).
CautionDwyer® Rate-Master® flowmeters are designed to provide satisfactory long term service when used with air, water, or other compatible media. Refer to factory for information on questionable gases or liquids. Caustic solutions, anti-freeze (ethylene glycol) and aromatic solvents should definitely not be used.

Download Data Sheet: Series RM Variable Area Rate-Master® Polycarbonate Flow Meter

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