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Senin, 21 Februari 2022

Bamo CDP-P Paddle Flow Controller


Bamo CDP-P Paddle Flow Controller is a pallet mounted perpendicular to the flow, actuates a changeover switch. The threshold ranges listed are for water at 20 ° C with horizontal pipe. Mounting could be on a vertical pipe with ascending flow; Then, threshold value will be greater than the one of table. The pipe slope of a flowing down piping must be less than 40 %.

Bamo CDP-P Paddle Flow Controller Features:

  • For clear liquids
  • Body in PPO, paddle in polypropylene
  • For pipes ND 25 up to ND 65
  • Mounting: On tee, or on-line with BSP ½'' thread


The CDP-P is designed to control a flow-rate in water piping.

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Bamo CDP-P Paddle Flow Controller Specification:

MaterialsBody and fitting: PPO glass fiber reinforced; Seal: NBR
 Paddle: PP; Seal: Santoprene
 (Chemical resistance to Ozone; Other many disinfectants for
 water: On request)
FittingBSP ½''
Torque7 N.m
PipingFrom ND 25 up to ND 65
Temperature limitsLiquid: +5 ... +80 °C
 Ambient: +5 ... +50 °C
Pressure limit1 MPa (PN 10) at 20 °C
ContactReed contact: N.O. without flow
Switching power3A/250VAC
Trigger pointSee table, listed values ± 30 %
ConnectionCable (max. 50 °C): 3 0.75 mm²; Length: 2 m
ProtectionIP 65

Download Data Sheet: Paddle Flow Controller CDP-P