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Selasa, 22 Februari 2022

Bamo CDP Paddle Flow Controller

  Bamo CDP Paddle Flow Controller operates a switch outside the liquid: The flow drives the paddle. A magnet on top of paddle actuates a Reed contact, located outside the fluid. The reverse movement of the paddle is generated by a leaf-spring.

Bamo CDP Paddle Flow Controller

These controllers offer a simple, reliable and inexpensive solution for flow monitoring in pipelines. CDP controllers are mounted in-line, pipes up to ND 50 with a Tee, BSPF threads. For larger diameters, CDP must be mounted on-line, on an adaptor BSP ½'' female thread.

Bamo CDP Paddle Flow Controller Features:

  • 1 Reed contact N.O. / N.C.
  • Stainless steel or brass versions
  • Low pressure drop
  • Fittings: On tee up to ND50 or BSP ½''


  • The Reed contact has a low switching power:
    The use of a relay ES 2001 (doc. 250-02) will protect the Reed and allows a remote loop signal with greater breaking capacity on a change-over relay output (500 VA/ 250 V A / 5A - 1A/ 125 V DC/ 40 W).


Detection of presence or absence of flow of a liquid in a pipe under pressure. The liquid must be free of magnetic particles.

Bamo CDP Paddle Flow Controller Specification:

BodyAISI 316 Ti
SealFPM on stainless steel version
 NBR on brass version
Temperature limit110 °C
Ambient temperature70 °C
Pressure limit25 bar
FittingsDN 10 to DN 50: Tee with BSP female threads
 ND 50 and larger: male thread BSP ½''
Contact outputN.O. or N.C. according the Reed contact orientation
Switching power230 V / 1.5 A / 80 W / 90 VA max.
Output cablePVC; 3-wire; 1 mm² ; 1.5 m long
Trigger point adjustment±15 % of table values, horizontal pipe; See next page
ProtectionIP 65

Download Data Sheet: Paddle Flow Controller CDP