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Minggu, 20 Februari 2022

Bamo DB Series Orifice Plate flow meter

Bamo DB Series Orifice Plate is manufactured in accordance with operating conditions: to provide before any quote.
Bamo DB Series Orifice Plate flow meter

Wafer mounting: The orifice plate is inserted between 2 flanges. The differential pressure is between the inlet and outlet, one on each side of the plate. The differential pressure is related to the flow rate inside the main pipe. The flow indicator is part of the bypass, allowing a direct reading.

In order to obtain a proportional relation to the main flow, a BORDA nozzle is inserted before the flow indicator. Option with output signal: Instead of an indicator, a flow transmitter may be installed.

Bamo DB Series Orifice Plate Features:

  • For aggressive liquids
  • Direct reading indicator on pipes from ND 50 up to ND 200
  • Mounting in all positions
  • According standard NF X 10-102
  • Options: Flow contact; Output signal


  • Clean waters: Tap water, swimming pool water
  • Aggressive liquids (acidic or basic)


Flow rangesFrom 2 up to 350 m³/h (water)
Accuracy± 4 %
Scale amplitude2 to 10
Pressure limit10 bar (water at 20°C)
Temperature limitsPVC: 50 °C; PPH: 90 °C;
 PVDF: 120 °C
Pressure dropOn request


Orifice plate (standard)
Associated flow indicatorPVC or polysulfone
BypassSame as the orifice plate
Stop valvesSame as the orifice plate
BORDA injectorPVC, PPH or PVDF

Download Data Sheet: Orifice Plate, Flow-Meters DB Series