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Sabtu, 19 Februari 2022

Bmeters Remote Reading Systems

The product range includes turbine (velocity) type single and multi-jet water meters with mechanical or magnetic transmission, Woltmann meters, irrigation meters, flow meters, thermal energy meters and heat cost allocators with direct reading or complete with integrated modules for the remote transmission of the consumption data.
Bmeters Remote Reading Systems
All meters possess approval certificates in the most restrictive of the 2014/32/EU Module B (MID) regulation.

The company is certified with the ISO 9001:2008 , the 2014/32/EU module D (MID), the UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 and operates in compliance with the UNI-EN 17025 regulation for the activities of testing and metrology calibration.

Bmeters Remote Reading Systems

  • Lorawan
    • LORA-PULSE LoRaWAN Module for Pulse Output Meters
    • RFM-LR1 Lorawan Radio module for pre-equipped single jet water meters
  • Wired M-Bus
    • RFM-MB1 MBUS wired module for single jet water meters
    • MB-PULSE 4 Pulse to Wired M-Bus signal converting module
    • MB-MASTER M-BUS Wired Master
  • Wireless M-Bus
    • HYDRODIGIT Digital single jet smart meter
    • RFM-TX1 WMBUS radio module for single jet water meters
    • RFM-TXE Wireless M-BUS module for pulse output meters
  • Pulse Output
    • IWM-PL3 Electronic pulse emitter module for multi jet water meters
    • IWM-PL4 Electronic pulse emitter module for Woltmann type water meters