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Senin, 21 Februari 2022

Dinel ULM–53 Ultrasonic Level Meter

Dinel ULM–53 Ultrasonic Level Meter are compact measurement devices containing an ultrasonic transmitter and an electronic module. Using a transmitter, level meters transmit the series of ultrasonic pulses that spread towards the level surface. The transmitter recuperates reflected acoustic waves that are subsequently processed in the electronic module.
Dinel ULM–53 Ultrasonic Level Meter

Based on the period during which the individual pulses spread towards the level and back, this period is averaged by the electronics that perform temperature compensation and subsequently a conversion to an output current 4 -20 mA, voltage 0 - 10 V, or output RS-485 Modbus.

Thanks to the contactless measuring principle ultrasonic level meters are suitable for continuous measurement or limit level sensing of liquids, wastewater, sludge, suspensions, adhesives, resins in various open and closed vessels, sumps, open channels, and drains. Use for organic solvents or substances, which contain organic solvents, should be consulted with the manufacturer.

Usability for level measurement of solid materials is limited, there is a shorter measuring range. We recommend using the level meter for such a medium to consult with the manufacturer. The setting is carried out either using two buttons or a magnetic pen or by remote setting in case of Modbus RTU output. The device is equipped with an optical indication of its state (RUN) and the setting process (STATE). It is manufactured in designs for normal (N) and explosive atmospheres (Xi).
Dinel ULM–53 Ultrasonic Level Meter Features
  • For continuous level measurement of liquids (even if polluted), paste and mash materials in open or closed vessels, open channels and sumps
  • Configuration and adjustment of min. and max. measuring range by two buttons
  • Current (4 ... 20 mA) or voltage (0 ... 10 V) output
  • LED state indication
  • Easy and quick connecting by connector
  • Xi version for usage in explosive areas

Dinel ULM–53 Ultrasonic Level MeterSpecification:

Measuring rangeULM–53_–01–_0,1 ... 1 m
ULM–53_–02–_0,2 ... 2 m
ULM–53_–06–_0,2 ... 6 m
ULM–53_–10–_0,4 ... 10 m
ULM–53_–20–_0,5 ... 20 m
Supply voltageULM–53N–_ _–_18 ... 36 V DC
ULM–53Xi–_ _ –I18 ... 30 V DC
Current supplyULM–53N(Xi)–_ _ –I4 ... 20 mA / max. 22 mA
ULM–53N–_ _ –Umax. 12 mA
ULM–53N–_ _ –Mmax. 20 mA
Current outputULM–53_–_ _ –I4 ... 20 mA (limit values 3.9 ... 20.5 mA)
Voltage outputULM–53N–_ _ –U0 ... 10 V (limit values 0 ... 10.2 V)
Modbus outputULM–53N–_ _ –MModbus RTU protocol
Resolution< 1 mm
Accuracy (within the total range)ULM–53_–01 in area 0,1–0,2 m / 0,2–1,0 m0,3 % / 0,2 %
ULM–53_–02; –060,15 %
ULM–53_–10; –200,2 %
Temperature errormax. 0,04% / K
Beamwidth (-3 dB)ULM–53_–01–_; 02–_; 10–_10°
Ambient temperature rangeULM–53_–01–_; 02–_; 06–_-30 ... +70°C
ULM–53_–10–_; 20–_-30 ... +60°C
Measuring periodULM–53_–01–_; 02–_0,5 s
ULM–53_–06–_; 10–_1,2 s
ULM–53_–20–_5,0 s
ULM–53_–_ _–Madjustable via Modbus RTU
Averaging (can be modified according to agreement) ULM–53_ – _ _–_4 measurement 3)
ULM–53_–_ _–Madjustable via Modbus RTU
Short time-temperature stress resistance+90°C / 1 hod.
Max. operation overpressure (on transmission surface)0,1 MPa
Max. internal values 2) (for the Xi version only)Ui=30 V DC; Ii=132 mA; Pi=0,99 W; Ci=370 nF; Li=0,9 mH
Failure indicationecho failure – basic mode3,75 mA / 0 V / Modbus RTU
echo failure – inverse mode22 mA / 10,5 V / Modbus RTU
level in dead zone 4) – basic mode22 mA / 10,5 V / Modbus RTU
level in dead zone 4) – inverse mode3,75 mA / 0 V / Modbus RTU
Protection classULM-53_-__-_-_-_- TIP67
ULM-53_-__-_-_- G-M, L
ULM-53_-__-_-_- C-M, LIP67 5)
ULM-53_-__-_-_- B-M, LIP68
ULM-53_-__-_-_- H-M, L
Recommended cablePVC 2 x 0,75 mm2 (3 x 0,5 mm2; 2 x 2 0,25 mm2)
Maximal current output load resistanceat U = 24 V DCRmax = 270 Ω
at U = 22 V DCRmax =180 Ω
at U = 20 V DCRmax = 90 Ω
Minimal voltage output load resistanceRmin > 1 kΩ 
The delay between supply power rise time and the first measurementULM–53_–01–_; 02–_; 06–_5 s
ULM–53_–10–_; 20–_9 s
Process connectionULM–53_–01–_thread G ¾‘‘
ULM–53_–02–_thread G 1‘‘
ULM–53_–06–_thread G 1½‘‘
ULM–53_–10–_thread G 2¼‘‘
ULM–53_–20–_aluminum alloy flange
WeightULM–53_–01–_0,20 kg
ULM–53_–02–_0,20 kg
ULM–53_–06–_0,25 kg
ULM–53_–10–_0,65 kg
ULM–53_–20–_2,80 kg

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