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Sabtu, 19 Februari 2022

Energoflow AG DF Ultrasonic Doppler clamp on Flow Meter


Energoflow AG DF Doppler Flow Meter with Clamp-on Sensors are designed for measuring flow velocity, volumetric flow rate, and volume of fluids and gases, transported through pipelines in the forward or reverse direction using the Doppler effect. They can be used for measuring acoustically opaque fluids – slurries, liquids with suspended particles, and other contamination.

These Doppler Flow Meter can be used for various pipe materials: steel, cast iron, asbestos cement, and plastic pipelines, etc.

Energoflow AG DF Advantages:

  • Easy installation and simplicity of use;
  • Applicable for measurements in pipelines even if the pipe walls are greatly corroded or have a thick layer of sediment;
  • Easy integration into all kinds of process management systems;
  • Reliable and accurate measurement
The inner diameter of the pipeline, mm40 - 1600
Range of velocity measurement, m0.1 - 6
Accuracy of the measurement, %2
Range of operating temperatures for the sensors, o C-20 ... +100
Supply voltage, V220VAC or 12VDC
Consumed Power, W12
Distance between sensors and the electronic unit, m, not more70

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