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Jumat, 18 Februari 2022

Flocorp PDFlo™ PDSG1 Positive Displacement Flow Meter

Flocorp PDFlo™ PDSG1 represents a positive displacement meter that is affordable and accurate. One primary feature is the ability to maintain consistent accuracy despite changing viscosity conditions. This reliability, coupled with a large turndown range, offers an affordable replacement for older turbine technology.
Flocorp PDFlo™ PDSG1 Positive Displacement Flow Meter

The meter’s solid construction and excellent dynamic response are well suited to the measurement of oil, grease, fuel, solvents, polyurethanes, brake fluid, Skydrol as well as other non-abrasive lubricating fluids. Since there is no need for straight run piping upstream or downstream of the flow meter, the PDFlo flow meters are simple to use and to install.

The meters produce good resolution and high accuracy at low flow rates. Flow may be bidirectional without damage to internal parts. Non-intrusive sensors, panel displays, and electronic modules can be added to complete this superior value package.

Flocorp PDFlo™ PDSG1 Features and Benefits

  • Flow ranges 0.003 to 120.0 GPM
  • Accuracy ± 0.5% of reading
  • Pressure rating up to 5000 PSI
  • Economical cost
  • Seven Flow Ranges available
  • Aluminum, 303, and 316 SS bodies
  • Pulse, mA, and Voltage Sensors available
  • Bi-Directional flow capabilities


Body MaterialAluminum, T-303 SS, T-316 SS
GearStainless Steel
O-RingTeflon, Viton, EPDM
BearingsStainless Steel
 Accuracy± 0.5% with over 10:1 turndown with 30cP fluid
Repeatability± 0.1%
Max. Temperature185ºF (Aluminum Body), 400ºF (SS Body)

Download Datasheet: PDFlo™ PDSG1, Flocorp-Positive Displacement Spur Gear Flow Meter

Ref: Flo-corp.com