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Minggu, 20 Februari 2022

McCROMETER Smart Output Electromagnetic Water Flow Meter

Water engineers and technicians will find McCrometer has a versatile Smart Output mag meter solution that is Sensus or Itron system compatible for nearly every type of AMR and AMI application. These accurate, reliable and cost-effective mag meters are available for line sizes from 4 to 138 inches in hot tap insertion or full bore styles, which can be AC or DC powered, battery powered or solar.
McCROMETER Smart Output Electromagnetic Water Flow Meter

Smart Output gives water utility managers the flexibility they need to network the flow meters across their distribution systems with the AMI solution of their choice. Smart Output reduces costs, calls, travel, and labor, while it increases efficiency, ensuring your data is accurate.

Smart Output mag meters from McCrometer are designed with a highly intelligent module in their transmitters that is similar to a communication protocol. This capability allows McCrometer mag meters to transmit data on a schedule or on demand, as well as receive diagnostic queries to ensure or update meter operation. There’s no need for technicians to gather flow data manually or check meter status with McCrometer’s Smart Output mag meters.

With advanced plug-and-play, real-time Smart Output communications, McCrometer’s FPI Mag Flow Meter, SPI Mag Flow Meter and Ultra Mag Flow Meter provide highly effective solutions for automatic meter reading (AMR) and advanced meter infrastructure (AMI) in support of utility smart grids that help conserve valuable water resources, reduce expensive non-revenue water costs, and simplify daily operations and routine maintenance.

McCrometer’s Smart Output technology is backed by the company’s 60-plus years of solving flow measurement problems.


  • Accuracy :±0.5%
  • Installation Requirement : Requirement : As close as 1 diameter upstream
  • Line size : 4” - 138”
  • Power Options : AC/DC, Battery, or Solar


 Communication Protocol Parts/ Configurations 


M520M 3W


Model 60W


Model 100W


Model 100W+

DeviceMcCrometer Parts/Configurations 
FlowComFlowCom (Sensus 3-wire) requires firmware v2.4X    



M-Series Converter

M-Series with MIM087 (Sensus 3-wire) requires firmware v3.03X    
M-Series w/ MIM086 (iTron 3-wire, 6 digit report) requires firmware v3.03 XXX 
M-Series with MIM085 (iTron 3-wire, 9 digit report) requires firmware v3.03   X 



L-Series Converter

L-Series with MIM087 (Sensus 3-wire) compatible with all software versionsX    
L-Series w/ MIM086 (iTron 3-wire, 6 digit report) compatible with all software versions XXX 
L-Series with MIM085 (iTron 3-wire, 9 digit report) compatible with all software versions   X 

Download Datasheet : McCROMETER Smart Output

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