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Senin, 18 Juli 2022

SRZ High Resolution Series Kem Kuppers Helical Flow Meters

The High Resolution Kem Kuppers SRZ helical flow meter series is used mainly in applications with highly viscous, abrasive, and filled lubricating and non-lubricating media. Extremely high-resolution electronics integrated into the measuring equipment support the measurement of the smallest dosage quantities in applications with the highest reproducibility requirements. 


SRZ High Resolution Series Kem Kuppers Helical Flow Meters

Only high-grade steels that even withstand corrosive liquids are used in the production of helical flow meters. Combined with the use of tungsten carbide bearings, the Kem kuppers SRZ High Resolution guarantees optimum measurement accuracy and long service life even under the toughest application conditions.

The SRZ High Resolution is intended for precise volume flow measurement in various media. These include adhesives, sealants, and polymers as well as all kinds of greases and oils. Temperature fluctuations and the resulting viscosity changes have only a very minor effect on the measuring accuracy. Key features of the helical flow meter are a broad measuring range, low shear, and low-pressure loss at high viscosities.

Extremely high resolution, short response times, very dynamic performance, and high measurement accuracy ensure accurate regulation and control of the smallest dispensing volumes and flow rates in demanding applications.



  • All types of adhesives
  • Casting compounds and sealants
  • Polyurethane and polymer
  • Insulation materials and coatings
  • Petrochemical products
  • Different fats and oils with varying viscosities
  • Light and heavy fuel oil


  • High measuring accuracy up to ±0.1%1)
  • Exceptional repeatability of ±0.05%
  • Extremely good resolution up to 132,000 Imp/l
  • Measuring range up to 1:1,000
  • Short response times
  • Pressure-resistant up to 250 bar [3,600 psi]
  • Argely independent of viscosity, perfect for 1 to 1x106 mm²/s
  • Low pressure drop compared with other positive displacement meters
  • Pulsation-free measurement, non-sensitive to pulsating flows
  • Resistant to corrosion by advanced materials and bearings


Technical Data

  • Measuring Ranges: 0.04 up to 40 l/min
  • Measuring Accuracy: up to ±0.1 %
  • Repeatability: ±0.05 % (under the same conditions)
  • Linearity: up to ±0.25 % of actual flow
  • Materials:
    • Housing: as per DIN 1.4305 [AISI 303], 1.4980 [AISI 660]
    • Helicals: as per DIN 1.4122
    • Bearing: tungsten carbide
    • Seals: FKM, PTFE (others on request)
  • Druck: up to 250 bar [3,600 psi]
  • Medium Temperature: -4 °F up to +158 °F [-20 °C up to +70 °C] (others on request)

Download Datasheet: SRZ High Resolution Series Kem Kuppers Helical Flow Meters

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