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Minggu, 20 Februari 2022

Bamo Metallic DKM Viscosity Compensated Flow Controller


Bamo Metallic DKM Viscosity Compensated Flow Controller the flow of a liquid, free of suspended particles, having a viscosity between 30 and 600 cSt.

Bamo Metallic DKM Features:

  • Operates in all positions
  • Blind controller, 1 contact
  • Versions: Stainless steel and brass
  • Pressure up to 350 bar
  • Viscosity: 30 ... 600 cSt
  • Flow ranges from 0.5 up to 90 l/min


The fluid drives a magnetic orifice plate inside the cylindrical measuring tube. A spring balances its movement and allows to operate in all positions. A Reed contact, N.O. without flow, changes of status with the passage of the magnetic orifice plate.

With these equipment, the DKM operates independently of the pressure, even with low flow-rates.


Control of flow-rate in lubrication pipings or in any compatible skids.

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Bamo Metallic DKM Specification:

Temperature limits-20 ... 120 °C (On request: up to 160 °C)
Flow Scales unitl/min of oil; Min. S.G. 0.9
Viscosity30 ... 600 cSt
Accuracy±10 % F.S.
Pressure drop0.02 ... 0.4 bar
Flow contactN.O without flow
ConnectorDIN 43650 plug-in socket
 IP 65

Brass version

BSP 1'': 250 bar; BSP ½'': 300 bar
Pressure limit
Body, fittings:Nickel plated brass
Orifice plateNickel plated brass
SpringAISI 316 Ti (1.4571)

Stainless steel version

Pressure limitBSP 1'': 300 bar; BSP ½'': 350 bar
Body, fittingsAISI 316 Ti (1.4571)
Orifice plateAISI 316 Ti (1.4571)
SpringAISI 316 Ti (1.4571)

Download Data Sheet: Viscosity Compensated Flow Controller, Metallic DKM